Our history

A few years ago we had a dream with my little family. We wanted to create a sustainable and self-supplying model farm on the border of a landscape protection area. We were among the lucky ones who were able to get rid of the foreign currency loan loophole, even if we were lost everything…

We started our new life in a wooden house provided by a richer family as a temporary home. There were exciting evenings at the foot of the forest, where through the thin walls of the small wooden house the crunching of the wild boars was as if we were lying between them.

We were hesitating a lot between emigration and the dream of our organic farm. It is not easy to make a decision with two children, so I started building both opportunity at the same time.

I started renovating a little old weekend cottage and making it habitable. Meanwhile I was questioning our friends scattered around the world in every night, where life would be better with the family if it were to happen.

Finally the little house was not completely finished, but I made it habitable. By this time it became clear that we would still try to emigrate. We choosed probably the furthest place in the world from us, because it is a family-friendly country that still respects nature.

I set off for the 25 hour journey to the other side of the earth. And see the miracle! Received what we expected. Everything was like what we thought it would be from our friends’ reports and our searchings.

The family can come!

I left them here with money, Samu was there to have something to travel with – moreover, because of its value it can be easily cashed at any time – and before I left I made an option purchase agreement for the small house, so they can brave the way when the time comes.

But life intervened.

I had to make a decision: I will stay and build a new future for my children in that wonderful but far away country – however I leave years out of their little lives – or I come home and focus on the now, I’m with them in the trouble. Not as easy decision as it may sound at first. Still, it was clear to me.

I didn’t want to be a Skype dad. I lived to grow up without a father. I wasn’t four when my father left us, and I was forty when I learned from a notarial summons to testify that he was no longer alive. Nothing in between. I didn’t want my children to have to go through that, even if I didn’t leave the family.

I wanted to be with them when they were struggling with their tears. When they achieve success in their lives. When they fall in love. With them in everything they need me.

Many people say I’m a great warrior. I think it is only by the grace of God that I can still be here for my children and look after them.

I started building the farm again, and I made our old off-road vehicle Samu and our foolish dog Magnus nationally known. A docu-reality series is running currently with us on MySuzuki.

As time went on, God had ordered an angel beside me. She’s a kind of earthly angel who has embraced all the troubles of being here (she has more than me), but thanks to her extra-terrestrial capabilities, she is capable of those certain superhuman miracles.

We rarely meet, but in these encounters there is more life than ever. We are moving slowly, but then on angelic wings. So here’s another reason to want to live, to fight and to get up every blessed morning. Thank you!

We would like everything to be green at the Ranch. We have planted some trees with the help of Magyar Suzuki Zrt. and ArtGarden, but we would need hundreds. We have also designed and started the construction of small hobbit huts.

We are a member of the Savory Global Network, which combats with desertification by grazing stocks. For this reason, the area is now almost entirely maintained by sheeps. We use only rainwater in the house and heat it with dry wood or waste wood.

We have a Facebook page with just over 5,000 followers, an Instagram page with over 6,000 followers, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel.

Samu, Zseton and Magnus are becoming more and more known on the world wide web and have a lot of potential.